Utility scale autonomous solar cleaning system

Most comprehensive cleaning system

PVACS by Inaluz is a plug-and-play solar cleaning system, that is a drop-in replacement to manual cleaning practices. Completely autonomous operations, requiring only one-time configuration for plant specific parameters. PVACS machines are powered by machine learning based predictive maintenance features enabling long duty cycle operations, with minimal down time.


PVACS – The Complete Solution

PVACS is a complete end-to-end solution by Inaluz, ensuring seamless deployment, operations and maintenance by a single vendor.

Utility Scale System


The solution is architecture to work across different scale power plants from small power plants to large utility scale power plants, with just a few configuration changes.

Drop-In Solution

The cleaning machines are designed as drop-in, low weight products and can run directly on PV modules, without any additional structures for movement.

Complete Integrated Solution


One of key focus has been to develop an end-to-end tightly integrated system, so our clients don’t have multi-vendor dependencies to ensure smooth operations.

Predictive Maintenance

predictive maintenance

We have incorporated a ML powered predictive and often times preventive maintenance system to ensure continuous operations with minimal down times.

All weather solar cleaning system

Designed to operate in any weather extremes, from scorching heat to freezing conditions, and in-built features to enter safe operating modes during adverse weather conditions.


Say hello to PVACS Prime

The Corner Stone of the Solution

Our cleaning machine the PVACS Prime, is the fundamental answer to the solar cleaning requirement. Naturally, we spent most of our development time in ensuring it is minimalist in construction, yet high on technology. We believe simplicity is a prerequisite to reliability. We designed the Prime that way.

The Controller – Prime’s Brain!

A tightly integrated controller, tailor made for a singular focused application. Robust hardware, complimented by through software, all in a compact, efficient package. All the features needed to control, manage, and preempt any potential failures on the Prime.


Reliable Communication Network

PVACS is a scalable system primarily because of the robust communication system, that always ensures consistent and reliable communication. There are multiple components to the communication system, including On-Field gateway cum concentrators, repeaters, and adapters. These are carefully planned and deployed to ensure stable communication to the remotest corners of the power plant.


Finally an Intuitive Software Platform

On-Site, Cloud and mobile applications for total control


Plant specific configuration, operations scheduling, device management and monitoring, analytics, fault alerts and reports all the functionality one can possibly need, in a single software package.


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