The global solar power deployment is breaching the Terawatt (installed capacity) benchmark and things couldn’t be sunnier for the planet. In the last five years or so, solar power has matured from being a fringe promising technology to a serious contender in the global energy market. Not just among the renewables, but also among traditional energy sources.

Currently, the focus is on economy at scale, both from a CapEx and an OpEx perspective. All the stake holders are working on optimizing costs in everyway possible, while pushing the envelop on the power generation efficiencies. We at Ingens are working on some of the high potential areas, that can contribute to improved efficiencies.

There are certain aspects unique to solar power generation, that are really challenging at utility scale. One of these is keeping the PV modules clean to ensure maximum efficiency. Depending on the location of the solar power plant, dust and dirt settling on solar panels can bring down power generation efficiencies considerably in a single day.

solar installed capacity

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Hence, constant cleaning of solar panels is needed and at utility size plants manual cleaning is not viable and conventional floor cleaning systems are not tenable because of the unconventional nature of the solar power plant structures. Even more so in plants with tracker systems.

The need is for a cleaning system that can clean large array of solar panels, sometimes daily. In utility size plants the area to be cleaned can extend to many Square kilometers. Hence, the need for a cleaning solution, that can clean large areas in a relatively small time, with minimal CapEx cost and almost nil OpEx cost.

PVACS (PV Array Cleaning System) by Ingens is one such end-to-end solution, that is designed in consultation with industry experts and thought leaders in the solar power segment. All the typical constrains and pain points, that are unique to solar power plants were considered and a comprehensive solution has been built, that is ready to be deployed globally under different operating conditions.